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Benefit of Phytoplankton

Phytoplankton are micro organism with a single cell that grows mostly under the sea and ocean. They require sunlight, water, and nutrients for them to become like the other plants. Because of that reason, they grow near the surface of the water surface to acquire sunlight. Because they have the green coloring matter, they manufacture their own food. In this article, am going to discuss some of the benefits of phytoplankton.

Presence of high quality and healthy nutrients in phytoplankton makes it a key component in playing a major role the body of a human being. Vital nutrients are supplied by phytoplankton to the body to aid in nourishment. Absorption of phytoplankton is instantly because they are very small. For you to achieve the prime role of the liver, relieve in joint pain and stiffness and stable sugar level, you need to consume phytoplankton. Addition of phytoplankton in the diet of people who are suffering from hypothyroidism with help in correcting that particular condition.

Most of the fish feed on phytoplankton. In other words, the lesser is phytoplankton, the lower is the fish population, and in turn the smaller is the human food. The food made from fish are abundant in the nutrients that are found in phytoplankton. Immune system is being boosted significantly by these see food. Cellulars will be repaired because of this food hence, in turn, increase your life span.

One of the benefits that phytoplankton brings to the environment is the production of oxygen. Phytoplankton is responsible for almost half of the world’s photosynthesis. Photosynthesis help human being in disposing of gasses that are not useful like carbon dioxide by consuming it. Global temperature is being maintained by photosynthesis together with production of oxygen and letting the ocean handle the change in climate. This means that phytoplankton produce much of the oxygen that is found in the atmosphere through the process of photosynthesis. For the general health of the atmosphere and reduction of global warming, phytoplankton is very vital.

Phytoplankton plays a major role in improving marine life. The energy that is produced during photosynthesis is absorbed by other living marine organisms by feeding the producer. This means that phytoplankton produces food that the living organism use for their survival. In the marine, the base of the food chain is phytoplankton. Phytoplankton acts as a source of food for some marine living organism like fish. In return fish will be feed on by other marine mammals that are on top of the food chain. Nourishment of some marine organism like the shellfish depends on the death of phytoplankton that will settle at the bottom of the water body. For the case that the live phytoplankton population decrease, the commercial fish industry will be affected directly and significantly. In other words, the marine food chain will be affected adversely without live phytoplankton.

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